It's About People, Not Transactions

At Hunt For Homes, our passion is helping you find a place to call home and creating memories for years to come. Come learn a little more about our founder, Jessica Hunt, and what we do as a team to help you achieve your real estate goals for an amazing price.

What Makes Us Different?

Hunt for Homes offers five-star service at an affordable price point!

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The Hunt for Homes Story

At Hunt for Homes, we’re here to be your guide, first and foremost.

Whether you work directly with me or a member of my team, everything we do is about making you feel comfortable with the process and confident that you’re being taken care of in every way. You’re going to live in many homes throughout your life, so this isn’t about one sale or one listing. For us, this experience is about building a relationship where we take excellent care of you before, during, and after your real estate needs.

Meet the Team

Like you, I once was a new buyer, and a new seller, and even a new broker in the world of real estate. So I understand what you’re facing and how you’re feeling. More than 15 years ago, I jumped into this career as a single mom. I was a psychology major, so my background was in people—not real estate. So it was an outside-the-box choice for me—one that challenged me at every turn.

Step after step, I passed my first class, and then the state exam, both on the first try. I went on to build a successful career across several Triangle real estate firms, including large franchises and independent agencies like Linda Craft & Team, Remax, Coldwell Banker HPW, and Smart Choice Realty.

Meet Jessica

After developing a decade of expertise across marketing, negotiation, and more, I founded Hunt for Homes in 2016 as a more personal kind of realty practice. Your dream for your home is our passion. Whether it’s our 2% listings or our team mandate to put your interests above our bottom lines, we are committed to you and your needs for the long haul.

Across my career, I’ve closed more than 750 transactions, but that’s not what defines success to me. What matters most to me is you and all the first-time home buyers, the couples relocating, and the families finding their forever homes. It’s about all the people who still come by and say “hi” and the relationships I get to build and grow along the way.

I’ve created a small firm to protect those relationships and to continue to be a proudly referral-driven company. Because it’s time that more brokers understand that it’s not about numbers—it’s about people. It’s about family and it’s about new chapters.

I love what we do at Hunt for Homes because it’s about getting to know you and helping you to the best of our ability. Transactions, numbers, all of that aside—if we’ve made your life a little easier and your home some place you love to be, that’s the kind of success we always hope to give you.

Why Choose Us?

At Hunt for Homes, your time spent with us is more than a real estate transaction. We understand that buying a home is one of the most expensive decisions you will make in your life, therefore we provide only the most seasoned agents with discerning negotiating skills to focus not only on getting you the best deal and terms on your home, but the best possible loan as well. We can connect you with our trusted vendors, in order to assist you with obtaining your goal of home ownership!

Hunt for Homes is designed to benefit buyers and sellers by providing financial savings and day-to day-quality of service and communication. We ensure that we guide clients step by step, starting from the initial consultation until far beyond your closing date. We are able to make this promise because YOUR dream is OUR passion.

Meet the Team

Here's How We Stack Up

Hunt for Homes offers all the services you'd expect from a stellar real estate company, but we only charge 2% of a home's sale price to sellers, as well as the cost of the buyer's agent's commission. In total, this typically equals 4.4% total commission paid by the seller as opposed to the traditional 6% total commission (3.6% to the listing agent plus 2.4% to the buyer's agent) charged by other brokerage firms. Here are a few examples:

*Please note all commissions in North Carolina are negotiable!
*$500 is due at the time of listing and will be credited to the 2% balance due at closing. This is because all of the listing work done by Hunt for Home agents is completed upfront, including photography and virtual tours, professional sign installation, and various methods of advertising including flyers and MLS admission.

By the Numbers

At a sales price of $250,000:

With Hunt for Homes, you pay $11,000.
With other real estate firms, you’ll pay $15,000.
The total savings using Hunt for Homes to list your home is $4,000, and you sacrifice NOTHING in service!

At a sales price of $500,000:

With Hunt for Homes, you pay $22,000
With other real estate firms, you’ll pay $30,000.
The total savings using Hunt for Homes to list your home is $8,000, and you sacrifice NOTHING in service!